The way my God is set up… I can only move forward!

N.B : I wrote this note on my birthday. Genre 1 mois de cela et j’ai finalement eu envie de le partager. πŸ™‚

This year was horrible. There were times I thought I would never smile again. There were times I thought I just wouldn’t make it. But here I am… πŸ™‚ so thankful for every single minute of this past year. I lost a few lbs. My hair is now a little bit shorter. I’m not as innocent as I was last year. I cried rivers and even attempted suicide. I saw my dreams fall apart. Everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong. Yet I still manage to smile. I’m grateful for my family and all the wonderful people God has brought to my life. Those friends that became family. I’m grateful for this love that’s warming me up body and soul. I’m grateful for every single hug, kiss, and word that brought a smile to my face and helped me forget my sorrows. I’m grateful for all those awesome memories that helped me sleep at night. Nothing went as I planned this year. Nevertheless, I’ll make new plans. Hopefully they’ll be closer to the ones God has made for me. I’m pretty sure this New Year will be a better one. It has to. The way my God is set up… I can only move forward! Cheers to my 25th anniversary and to many more to come!

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